Juste une petite chanson…


Ce soir juste ça…cette jolie chanson des Mumford and Sons, « Hopeless Wanderer »…originale, avec des chanteurs musiciens complètement déjantés et loufoques dans ce clip, malgré le texte sérieux (paroles à droite de la vidéo), de très belles voix…je ne connaissais pas , une belle découverte cette chanson sentimentale et ce groupe de folk rock… A écouter…

Plus demain…


Paris is Always a Good Idea

Brittany From Boston

Walking alongside the Seine with a buttery croissant in hand, the soothing sounds of Francois Hardy playing through my head, and pep in my step because I’m in Paris, one of my favorite cities. Would you have to be crazy to say no to a trip to Paris? I think so, and so did Audrey Hepburn…Paris is always a good idea.


Strolling through Paris by foot is a treat all its own. My eye is drawn up to the ornate architecture, a reminder that Paris has always been in style and the Parisians know it. The Parisian folk, meanwhile, strut by in their fashionable digs as if the whole city is a runway and every week is fashion week. They are effortlessly chic, a model of envy for the fashion-focused around the world.



I don’t know how these Parisian men and women stay thin enough to sport their high-fashion…

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