10 Reasons To Visit Los Angeles

Visite de Los Angeles en photos…une bonne raison de lire l’article!

Brittany From Boston

Founded as the city of angels, Los Angeles was always destined to be a great city. It plays by its own rules and is consequently a lot of fun. It’s also affectionately referred to as La La Land, and once you go you’ll see. LA lives in its own world, with its head deliriously happy up in the clouds. LA is like nowhere else…here are the 10 reasons you must visit!

  1. Walk amidst the stars on Hollywood Boulevard. Stretching endlessly in either direction, the Walk of Fame features nearly every famous actor, musician, director, character, producer, and other person contributing to the entertainment industry. With over 2500 stars, you’ll take awhile to search out each of your favorite stars!IMG_2313
  2. You will probably meet some famous people just walking about in the city! As the center of the entertainment industries, LA is buzzing with celebrities. I even got to watch the…

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