New York City (part 2)

Tandis qu’ici il fait beau et chaud…quelques photos prises par YT à New-York …neige et musique…très chouette…

Leave nothing but footprints


(Continued from the previous post)

Stepping out of the Grand Central, I walked in the snow towards the Central Park. Some people told me of a gallery along the park. I figured I could walk across the park before having a brunch and coffee at the gallery, somewhere warm. Young figure ice-skaters are performing on the rink cheered by their peers. This openness, of people stopping by to watch while eating hot dog, is what I’d imagined it would be like in New York.

While I was struggling with the operation of the new small camera in my gloved hands in front of snow-covered field, a guy in well-worn work pants and warm-looking jacket carrying a guitar case walked past. I glanced at him, and he glanced at me. I asked him where he was headed on a cold snowy day in the park with his guitar. He…

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