Drive by shooting (suite)

Un article que j’avais écrit il y a déjà quelque temps en français et que j’ai retravaillé en anglais. Des news bientôt à suivre car je vais relancer David Bradford sur ses actualités photographiques.


Everything may happen in a taxi. Yellow, green or black cabs may lead you to adventure. Here is a proof.

Davis Bradford has been a taxi driver since 1990. In his yellow cab, he does not only drive. He also takes pictures of New-York at different moments of the day, in different places, with different passers-by, or different passengers.

This link will lead you to his «world»:

All his meetings are often important, as it regularly happens in this kind of job.

Fortunately, David Bradford kindly gave me by mail more information about his photos and videos he made.

He didn’t begin to take photos by chance. His training in drawing and his artistic soul led him to that. As he says himself, his hand is his eye. That’s why he can take photos so easily and so quickly while driving. He waited during 10 years before begining to associate his work as a driver to his passion for photos. He’d understood that while driving he was like the spectator of «a great play» in this city of New-York. He definitely had to find a way to keep the special moments he saw «alive». He also had the opportunity to make a few short videos which explain his job and his passion.

Soon he’ll be able to speak of his art while giving lessons of street photography, as you can see with this link

You’ll certainly quickly see his photos and videos in other exhibitions.

Thanks David Bradford for your art !

Credits : David Bradford