The world is mad…


Late writing because I thought I had to do…After this week, I can say I had the opportunity to collect different examples of what we call in France « folie douce » (or is it always ?). Have you ever seen a DJ in a nightclub dancing in front of people poiting to the « skies » in a sort of « transe » ?  I have, and I won’t give the name of the place because he does not need communication about his behaviour (there were enough videos made on mobiles of his strange activities). After that I see one week after a singer taking pleasure in singing in a very different way « Becassine » on The Voice…This is less strange madness anyway, all the more when you have a great voice, and it gives pleasure to hear.

Madness is when you also hear one of the customers you call saying « you’re making fun of me, I can hear people laughing behind you ? »…Euh nooo sorry what have you drunk ? I’m completely alone in the room and I’m always serious when working ! This was really strange but also funny.

What is less funny, and here I’m really serious, is when you hear an attorney saying  that the person is defending did not kill his girlfriend on purpose…what is strange : is it the discussion about it in the press or the fact that the attorney says that ? As when you see that the same media seems to give more importance to the hand given by Emmanuel Macron to the Senegalese President than to the discussions they have during this trip. Hello…don’t you have more serious things to say ?

Of course and above al I won’t forget the Nutella episode, completely…well I have no words…people seem to give more importance to huge bargains in supermarkets on that stupid, unhealthy product which causes problems to environment with the palm oil. They fight for Nutella and forget the real things which need to us to fight for. So mad and sad…


Goodnight tomorrow is another day…


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