Sad day(s)


It’s like that, sometimes there are good days and sometimes bad…Good day anyway for me to write in english, for a change, hoping you will all follow me in that way…(and I hear my english speaking followers saying yeahhh). Today’s sadness is just to add to a state of mood I have had these days…tiredness, sadness, all linked. Work,day to day life, things… 

Just to speak of today it’s a day of loss, a dear part of my life vanishing. I’ve known her for 10 years, and it’s hard to say good bye. But as we’re used to say the best is to come for her with less suffering. Souris ( yes I know your name hasn’t certainly been easy to deal with when walking or discussing « cat »with the other cats, but sorry I wasn’t the one who gave it to you !) I already miss you…I called you « my  daughter » even before having my real one, and I know I’m certainly not the only one to do that. I forgive you for the birds you brought back under the bed, especially disgusting when hearing you eating them in the middle of the night…Well I thought it would be ideal to have a little funny story to end this post. See you in another life now!