Guns n’ roses

Une fois de plus, les Etats-Unis ont dû faire face à une nouvelle fusillade dans un lycée de Floride. Un ancien élève de 19 ans a ouvert le feu faisant ainsi 17 victimes. Au lieu d’évoquer l’autorisation du port d’arme et le second amendement…

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Once again there was a fool who could easily use guns in the US. 17 young men and women killed in a high school in Florida. Since 2013, there have been 291 use of guns in USA schools. 291!!! How can it be ? All the more as this time (and other times too) the young killer of 19 was known on social networks for his love of guns, and his knowledge of security in this school because he had been a student there. Police had even had to intevene once at his place. But nothing more ? And meanwhile, you have President Trump saying nothing about guns, just rejecting the fault in a way on the other students who had known the killer and who had said nothing about his previous strange behaviour. Fortunately in France we don’t have this kind of problems and I seriously think that’s it’s time for the US to do something. But how can it be when lobbies govern everything, and when fear and prevention have always been the way of  functioning there ? Debate is launched, if you want to give your point of view.  I’m writing in english so that my english speaking followers can also understand and answer.

Just adding that they did not say on the media that this young man was also a white supremacist  ( and was belonging to a group who wants to make Florida a « white state »….   

Killing a Saint Valentine Day…the day of love, of roses…And strangely I found an article saying that the froup Guns  N’Roses, the famous group of the 80’s, 90’s, is performing in Bordeaux in June…the article was written the same day…Strangely…


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Comme on dit en anglais « it’s a hard job but someone has to do it « . Les traducteurs japonais ont donc dû s’atteler à la tâche et traduire le « shit- hole country » de Trump en japonais et , comme on parle souvent des différents niveaux de politesse que comprend la langue, ça n’a pas été […]

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Pas le temps de m’étendre longuement ce soir, alors juste cet article à lire pour faire suite à ce que l’on a pu entendre et voir ces jours-ci …On en rirait presque…mais non !